Other Projects

Non-BAP Supported Projects

Project Name Project Type Project Period DOU Staff Members in the Project TeamName of the Institutions Implementing the Project Funding Institutions  Project Budget
Investigation of Physical Properties of Exotic HadronsResearch 01.10.2015-01.10.2018  Prof. Dr. Kazem Azizi (Executive)   Dogus University   TÜBİTAK   557.040 TL
Development of Psychological (Intelligence) Measurement ToolResearch  15.11.2017-15.03.2021Prof. Dr. Sirel KarakaşDogus University   TÜBİTAK    6.469.176 TL
Quantitative and Qualitative Determination of the Role of Bis-Phthalocyanine Photosensitizers Directed to New Generation Mitochondria on Cell DeathResearch-100101/06/2017‐ 01.11.2019Prof. Dr. Serdar ÖZÇELİK (IYTE)Executor 
 Prof. Dr. Ayşe Gül Gürek (GTU)Researcher 
 Dr. Emel Önal (DOÜ), Researcher
İzmir Institute of High-Tech. TÜBİTAK 550.000  TL
Structural Status Assessment of Existing Docks in Mersin PortIndustry 2017-2018 Assist Prof. Taylan Bağcı (DOÜ)
Assoc. Prof. V.Ş. Özgür Kırca (İTÜ)
 Dogus University; Istanbul Technical University; ECAP Engineering and Consulting Inc.Employer: Mersin International Port Management Inc. (MIP); Consultant: ECAP Engineering and Consultancy Inc.20.000 TL
Determining the Dynamic Characteristics of Historical Buildings by Experimental MethodsResearch2017-2018Research Assist. Çağla Şekerci Istanbul University Istanbul University19.711,23 TL
Robot Technology and Industrial Automation Training Center
Education 07.08.2014-07.08.2019 Dr. Dilek Tükel  
Dogus  University    
Mitsubishi250.000 TL
İSTKA TR10/16/YNY/0016 “Advanced Security and Protection Technologies: New Concepts and Innovative Ballistic Products Against Urban Asymmetric Terrorism” Composite Based Ballistic MaterialsResearch   01.01.2017-01.02.2018Prof. Dr. Tarık Baykara, Alparslan Demirural, Cemal Yazacak Dogus  University  İSTKA1.143.000,00 TL
Development of Biaxial Earthquake Shaking Table for Testing Scaled Structure ModelsResearch2017-2019Research Assist Çağla ŞEKERCİİstanbul University TÜBİTAK88.435 TL
Developing a Data-Based Retail Forecasting System with Collective Learning MethodsResearch2018-2019Prof. Dr. Mitat UysalDogus University- OBASE A.Ş.TÜBİTAK300.000 TL
Some Spectral Problems of Pauli Operator with Periodic PotentialTübitak 10022019-2020Prof. Dr. Oktay Veliev


Dogus University
Marmara University


Scalar and Axial-Vector T Bb Investigation of Spectroscopic Parameters and Degradation Channels of Ubarsbar Tetraquark InResearch  2019-2020

Prof. Dr. Kazem Azizi


Kocaeli University TÜBİTAK43.000 TL